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Open letter
Thứ tư,28/01/2015

Our company was established in Danang, Vietnam on May 2017 to serve the needs of customers. Taking advantage of professional knowledge and experience from our previous business in China, plus the low production costs in Vietnam, we focus mask and protective clothes.

All of our company staffs can speak Japanese language natively, and more than 3 years experience in Japan. Therefore, we establish our business on the Japanese standards, which can bring the greatest comfort and convenience to customers.

So our products and service is combined Japanese quality with low Vietnamese cost to realize our business vision. In comparison with two big cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Danang is still going behind in economic and lacking of industrial . Our reason to choose Danang is to provide our products at the constant cost in the next 30 years. We never restrain to use materials from abroad, we continue to research for local materials, to reduce cost as much as possible.

We do not aim to become Vietnam No.1 but to be Vietnam Only 1 Company. In our company, all of our staffs have the same common goal is to move forward together and we do hope to receive eternal trust and patronage from our customers.