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The World Health Organization downgraded three COVID-19 mutations

Thứ hai,27/09/2021

After their circulation was hampered by other variants, particularly the Delta variant, the World Health Organization downgraded three COVID-19 mutations from “variants of concern” to “variants under surveillance.”

Although, the three Covid-19 mutations downgraded from “variants of concern” to “variants under surveillance", Lambda and Mu are still dangerous.

Therefore wearing disposable surgical mask should be applied in the future.

According to the WHO, Eta, Iota, and Kappa were categorized as “former variations of interest” on Monday. Because of their potential to readily spread and cause serious disease, all three were placed on the variations of interest list. However, their presence around the world and in various nations has dropped to the point where WHO officials consider they pose a reduced public health danger.

The first of the three versions to be discovered was Kappa, which was discovered in India in October, followed by Iota in November and Eta in December in various nations. Eta and Iota spread more quickly than Kappa, receiving the title of “variant of interest” in March. In April, Kappa arrived.

Although Iota has proven to be the most common of the three variations, it only accounts for 3% of all sequences. Kappa reached a top of 1%, but Eta never got above 1%. All three have shown a considerable drop in transmission since then, indicating that circulation is either very low or non-existent in places where the majority of cases were previously documented.

Although the WHO no longer considers Kappa, Iota, and Eta variants to be of relevance because they aren’t deemed a global threat, It does mean these variants no longer bring negative effects on society, the effective solutions (wearing facec protection mask or distancing) should be applied in the future.

Only two variations, Lambda and Mu, remain on the WHO’s variant of interest list, following the declassification of Kappa, Iota, and Eta. A mutation must be thought to be more transmissible, harmful, or resistant to tests or therapies, and have significant transmission in one location or across numerous countries to be regarded a variant of interest.

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