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Vina Mask have more than 15 years of business experience in the mask and protective equipment industry in the Japanese, Chinese, and Thai markets. We are proud to be a manufacturer of world-standard quality masks and protective gear.

Officially establishing a factory in Da Nang - Vietnam in 2017, Vina Mask is proud to be one of the pioneering enterprises in the field of manufacturing - trading - exporting medical masks and protective equipment products. Quality clean rooms meet Japanese medical standards. The products Vina Mask produces confidently meet the most stringent requirements of major markets such as the United States, Europe, China, Japan... and maintain long-term cooperative relationships. We always prioritize customer experience and put customers at the heart of our operating values ​​and sustainable development principles. Dedicated to our products, combining modern technology, we hope to bring customers the most comfort and trust when cooperating.

Thanks to the significant growth over the years and from customer stories, we are constantly making efforts and expanding our product portfolio with products - Cleaning Cloths to give customers more choices as well as Experience Japanese quality products - Vietnamese costs.

About Vina Mask's staff can speak many languages ​​fluently including Japanese, English, Thai, and Chinese. All employees are constantly trained in capacity, expertise as well as how to respond to best meet customer requirements, bringing customers the most comfort and convenience when trading between customers. countries worldwide.

Vina Mask's goal is not to be number 1 but just to be the only company in Vietnam that brings peace of mind to customers. In the spirit of creativity to survive and develop, we have the same common goal of bringing the company to new heights and aiming for the highest trust from customers.