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Vinamask welcomes VNUK International University Student Union to visit the factory

Thứ tư,14/04/2021

      With the motto of theoretical training associated with practical experience, at the same time providing opportunities for students to access the reality of the working environment of foreign enterprises in Vietnam, helping students understand and prepare the regime, Skills to participate in the labor market, on December 22, 2020, the Faculty of Business Administration, VN-UK International University organized a field visit for 10QT class students at Quoc limited company. Enthusiastic Vinamask guidance, opening the lower door of the company board of directors.

Take photos and store at the gate of Vinamask International Co., Ltd

     The factory of Vinamask International Co., Ltd. is located in Hoa Khanh Industrial Park, Da Nang. Initially, the students were guided to the conference room, and were introduced about the form and organization of the company. As well as sharing and exchanging knowledge of departments such as: QIP (quality control, R&D (product research and development), I (optimization of production) ..., process working, recruiting, operating method, the necessary requirements of the employer ...


The students participated in asking questions and were fully answered


     The students asked questions and exchanged suggestions, the Board of Directors received to answer the questions and also analyzed the problems in the working environment to help students understand more deeply. Many aspects of management and practical production, point out the strengths and differences between foreign enterprises and Vietnamese enterprises so that students can gain experience, prepare for future luggage. Step into the work environment after graduation.

      Mr. Yamazaki - General Director of the company said: “Our company is very happy to welcome the delegation of the university to visit the company, hoping that after visiting the factory will motivate the students. passion, hobby at work. In particular, our company needs highly qualified, dynamic and creative labor. Therefore, after you graduate, if you want to work at the company, we are ready to accept ... "

    After that, the group of students was divided into groups to visit the production process and the operating departments of the factory under the guidance, enthusiastic and considerate introduction of the representatives of your business.

Inside of the factory Vinamask International Company Limited

Excited to visit the workshops

      Nguyen Hoang Linh - Grade 10QT shared: “Thanks to the attention and facilitation of the School, we had a really rewarding and enjoyable field trip. I find the field trip to Vinamask Co., Ltd. very useful, helping us get in touch with the real working environment. At the same time, we can expand our knowledge. Especially learning the theory in the lecture halls with the practical practice of the production management process is very different. And my favorite part of this trip is that the company's management model as well as organizational management methods are very good and very scientific ... "

      At the end of the program, Dr. Dang Thi Phuong Phi, on behalf of the delegation, thanked the Board of Directors and the staff and staff of Vinamask International Co., Ltd. for creating conditions for the delegation of students to visit and learn, Thereby looking forward to a long-term cooperation between the school and the company in creating conditions for students to graduate internships as well as work after students graduate.

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